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Convert Comtac V Hearing Defender into a Communications HeadsetUpdated 3 months ago

Convert Your Comtac V Hearing Defender into a Communications Headset

Welcome to the DISCO32 guide for transforming your Comtac V Hearing Defender into a fully operational communications headset. This simple conversion process requires just a few components and a compatible two-way radio system. 

Please note that this conversion is specifically designed for the Comtac V model and is not applicable to the Comtac VI (6).

Required Components:

Conversion Steps:

1. Gather Your Materials

First, ensure you have all the necessary components listed above. Each plays a vital role in transforming your hearing defender into a communications tool.

2. Connect the Boom Microphone

Choose a compatible boom microphone and attach it to your headset. We recommend the MT33-05R for its water resistance, noise cancellation, and optimal length. Remove the rubber piece on the right earcup to expose the connection port, then secure the microphone using the larger of the two holes at the mic's end.

3. Attach the Left Adapter Cable

Insert the down lead cable (FL6AF) to the headset, connecting one end to the back of the headset and the other to the boom microphone. This setup will ensure your microphone is properly connected and powered through the headset.

4. Connect to the PTT and Two-Way Radio

Finally, connect the NATO end of the down lead cable to your PTT adapter, then connect the PTT to your two-way radio. This step is critical for enabling communication through your newly configured headset.

Congratulations! You've successfully converted your Comtac V Hearing Defender into a communications headset. This guide aims to make the process straightforward and efficient. Should you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to leave a comment below.

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